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  • n-vinylformamide c3h5no pubchem

    N-Vinylformamide C3H5NO PubChem

    N-Vinylformamide C3H5NO CID 83191 structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities

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    C3H5NO Sigma-Aldrich

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  • c3h5no的中文名称?_百度知道


    CAS:13162-05-5 分子式:C3H5NO 中文名称:N-乙烯基甲酰胺 英文名称:N-ethenyl-Formamide;n-ethenyl-formamid;n-vinylformamide

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    C3H5NO Wikipedia

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  • acrylamide c3h5no pubchem

    Acrylamide C3H5NO PubChem

    Acrylamide is a colorless, odorless, crystalline amide that polymerizes rapidly and can form as a byproduct during the heating of starch-rich foods to high temperatures.Acrylamide is used in the production of polymers mainly in the water treatment industry, pulp and paper industry and textile treatment industry and is used as a laboratory reagent. . The polymer is nontoxic, but exposure to the

  • (c3h5no)n pam chemical powder for water solution buy

    (c3h5no)n Pam Chemical Powder For Water Solution Buy

    (C3H5NO)n PAM chemical powder for water solution/ polyacrylamide Property: (C3H5NO)n PAM chemical powder for water solution is a water- soluble high polymer.It’s not soluble in most organic solvents, with good flocculating activity, and can reduce the friction resistance between liquid.

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    C3H5NO (1) researchgate.net

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    Guidechem provides Polyacrylamide chemical database query, including CAS registy number 9003-05-8, Polyacrylamide MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), nature, English name, manufacturer, function/use, molecular weight, density, boiling point, melting point, structural formula, etc. Find chemicals information Polyacrylamide at guidechem, professional and easy to use.

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    dict.cc Wörterbuch :: acrylamide [C3H5NO] :: Englisch

    Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für acrylamide [C3H5NO] im Online-Wörterbuch dict.cc (Deutschwörterbuch).

  • acrylamide [c3h5no] Übersetzung englisch-deutsch

    acrylamide [C3H5NO] Übersetzung Englisch-Deutsch

    dict.cc Übersetzungen für 'acrylamide [C3H5NO]' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,

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    Polyacrylamide (PAM) (C3H5NO)n BuyersGuideChem

    BuyersGuideChem provides reliable information about Polyacrylamide (PAM) (9003-05-8) like chemical properties, structure, melting point density, molecular formula, molecular weight, physical properties, toxicity information. Get global suppliers, vendor, prices, .

  • (c3h5no)n cas号查询

    (C3H5NO)n CAS号查询


  • c3h5no 化学方程式_百度知道

    C3H5NO 化学方程式_百度知道

    由化学式就只能知道它组成的元素:c h n o 还有它们的原子个数比:3:5:1:1 如果从名字上看,就知道它的结构简式:ch2=ch-conh2 由此就可以分析到它的各类化学性质: 1双键:加成反应,聚合反应,氧化反应 2酰胺基:生成酯、酸酐、羧酸的反应,还原反应

  • (c3h5no)n cdhfinechemical

    (C3H5NO)n cdhfinechemical

    Product Specification POLYACRYLAMIDE (MW APP. 5,000,000) PRODUCT CODE 193015 ATOMIC OR MOLECULAR Soluble in water. DANGER Prevention: SYNONYMS -- C.I. NO. -- CASR NO.

  • (2r)-2-hydroxypropanenitrile c3h5no chemspider

    (2R)-2-Hydroxypropanenitrile C3H5NO ChemSpider

    Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: (2R)-2-Hydroxypropanenitrile.

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    C3H5NO (2) researchgate.net

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  • n-vinylformamide 13162-05-5 supplier and

    N-Vinylformamide 13162-05-5 supplier and

    Xingrui Industry CO., LTD. Xingrui Industry Co., Limited is supplier for N-Vinylformamide. is a professional manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The products involved fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, dye intermediates, cosmetic raw materials and so on. The company is ranked among the outstanding

  • 6n nh4oh cas号查询

    6N NH4OH CAS号查询

    cas号查询致力于为化学行业用户免费提供6n nh4oh的cas号、中文名称、英文名称相互转换服务,同时也包括6n nh4oh的性质、化学式、分子结构、密度、熔点、沸点等信息。

  • acrylamide 1h nmr spectrum spectrabase

    Acrylamide 1H NMR Spectrum SpectraBase

    1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectrum of Acrylamide with properties.

  • molecular weight of c3h5no convert units

    Molecular weight of C3H5NO Convert Units

    ››More information on molar mass and molecular weight. In chemistry, the formula weight is a quantity computed by multiplying the atomic weight (in atomic mass units) of each element in a chemical formula by the number of atoms of that element present in the formula, then adding all of these products together.

  • acrylamide (c3h5no) chemical data

    Acrylamide (C3H5NO) Chemical Data

    chemical compound

  • μ5250000 c3h5no chemspider

    μ5250000 C3H5NO ChemSpider

    Stable. Flammable. Incompatible with strong oxidizingagents. Reacts with water or steam to release toxic vapours.Reacts violently with acids, amines, inorganic bases.

  • acrylamide at best price in india

    Acrylamide at Best Price in India

    Acrylamide is also known by synonyms of 2-Propenamide, Propenamide, Acrylic amide, Acrylic acid amide, Akrylamid and comes with molecular formula of C3H5NO and molecular weight of 71.0779. it is a highly water soluble vinyl monomer formed from hydration of acrylonitrile and finds use in research laboratories for chromatography,

  • 24937-14-2 | | (c3h5no)n

    24937-14-2 | | (C3H5NO)n

    科朗医化专业于有机化学品的工厂化定制生产和实验室定制合成,生产并提供 (c3h5no)n [24937-14-2] 及其类似物 。

  • mf (c3h5no)n chemical polyacrylamide thickener for

    Mf (c3h5no)n Chemical Polyacrylamide Thickener For

    Mf (c3h5no)n Chemical Polyacrylamide Thickener For Water Solution,Find Complete Details about Mf (c3h5no)n Chemical Polyacrylamide Thickener For Water Solution,Chemical Polyacrylamide Thickener,(c3h5no)n Pam,Thickener from Petroleum Additives Supplier or Manufacturer-Gongyi City Meiqi Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

  • molar mass of c3h5no

    Molar mass of C3H5NO

    Formula in Hill system is C3H5NO: Computing molar mass (molar weight) To calculate molar mass of a chemical compound enter its formula and click 'Compute'. In chemical formula you may use: Any chemical element. Capitalize the first letter in chemical symbol and use lower case for the remaining letters: Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn, S, O, H, C, N, Na, K, Cl, Al.

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    Polyacrylamide(PAM) Appearance: white crystal powder or emulsion. Polyacrylamide main types: Polyacrylamide Anionic (PAM),white crystal powder,molecular weight:5-20million;

  • acrylamide ftir spectrum spectrabase

    Acrylamide FTIR Spectrum SpectraBase

    Transmission Infrared (IR) Spectrum of Acrylamide with properties.

  • polyacrylamide solution manufacturers & suppliers

    Polyacrylamide Solution manufacturers & suppliers

    China Polyacrylamide Solution manufacturers Select 2020 high quality Polyacrylamide Solution products in best price from certified Chinese Chemical manufacturers, China Polymer suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China